My Name is Liam Salt
I'm currently studying Fine Art at UCA
Everything I post is an original photograph taken by me, unless otherwise noted.

Wild Boys

They danced all night, they danced
In a revelry unknown to all
As if swallowed by a trance, a trance
And through my memory they fall

At night we close the curtain
The wild boys begin to play
At night we know for certain
That the dusk swallows the day, the day

When painting does anyone else ever seize up with every brush stroke because of the weight of the history of painting?


Take everything you’ve ever known
and purge yourself of it at the end of each day
set fire to it with vigor and passion
do it as if your life depends on it
forget it all ever existed
for tomorrow it will be something else
tomorrow it will be born anew
let every sensation which comes into contact with your flesh covered body effect you as it would have the first time 
let sunlight feel like fire
every breeze hit you like a hurricane 
let falling in love be quick
and painful
and ill thought out
carry your mistakes proudly
don’t think through every decision
say words as you think them
lest they sit on your tongue burning 
fight with yourself everyday 
let the unknown fill you with fear
and wonder.


He finally realized his touch must feel like knives. Every “I’m so sorry”, a fuck you to the life they had built together. She now saw him for what he was. If only she could let him go. - a short story.